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Boy Loves Mommy More

I love my mommy because I love her

And I don’t know the reason why

Just that I was born after nine months from her

And she lulls me to sleep when I cry

My eyes come from daddy, and my forehead too

But my heart is from mommy alone

Because when hers beats, my heart also leaps

Cause for months I made her tummy my home

My mommy takes care that I don’t learn how to swear

And she cried when I kissed my first girl

Now I don’t know if she’s jealous, but in my heart it is obvious

“She might hurt you,” and that gives her the scare.

I love my daddy and I love my mommy

But here I love mommy more

In another creation, I’ll make justification

And there I shall daddy adore.


Ruth Mostrales

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