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Love Me With Love Alone

The ends of being, I’ll chart with you,

If only to test Miss Barrett’s view;

I only hope that thou bring with you,

Thy heart and humor, too!

For mine eyes are veiled so often,

So then, your heart must speak;

And if I refuse to listen,

Beat my madness with love’s stick.

Though my feet may sore so early,

I’ll still walk the vale with you;

If this happens, dear, indulge me,

Tell me, “I will carry you!”

If life’s cares begin to blind me,

Shield me from sun’s ‘whelming rays;

If the morrow steals my melody,

Sing our songs from better days.

This my promise, to keep loving,

Yet changing I cannot suppress;

If perchance I wake up languid,

Stir me up with love’s caress.

I will care for you so closely,

And adore you faithfully;

But I’ll doubt it that you’ll love me,

If in dreaming you go weary —-

For I am simple and so homely,

Leaving lots to be desired;

So love me with love, and love only —

And with loving do not be tired!


Ruth Mostrales

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