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The Hymn

When the heavens resound a hymn

Ever so often and now and then,

The angels touch earth to dream

With me; when the heavens resound the hymn.

The morning holds hands with the ocean

And together a mighty blue screams;

The mountains raise hands in abandon

And praise — to embrace the azure velveteen.

The branches they wave in unison

As the wind it flirts with their leaves;

A bird chirps out a morning song

With glee — romancing¬†the faithful trees.

When God smiles down at creation

The flowers look up in esteem;

Their arms in open consignation

And joy — as their petals appear from within.

Round and round the spheroid turns

And then morning is gone, now noon;

The ants conclude their working song

And tired — the sun says goodbye, now the moon:

Wrapping the scene with a grey blanket

The crescent murmurs a pray’r;

Crowning the view with an amulet

Of elegance — the sky dons its stars with flair.

The heavens conclude one stanza

Of an eternal symphony played above;

While two lovers embrace in the plaza

In bliss — looking at the heavens with love.


Ruth Mostrales

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