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Sweet Enveloping Wind

Walking with the sunset, prancing with the rays

I feel the wind controlling my emotions and my ways

It goes there and I follow, and wherever I go

Its sweet whisper of tomorrow bellows —


For it loves perpetuity, as I love my love

And it caresses my sanity like a pure, white dove

Enveloping what can only be held by the view

Even the sun can’t uncover its hue.


The wind loves to flirt with the waves of the sea

And its footsteps in the sand imprinted in glee

I envy the sunset, it embraces the same

If only I can hold it in my name!


As often as it blows the stars would glitter

As often as it cries the flowers banter

As often as my heart beats for my sweet mother

Of the sweet wind there’s more to discover.


(c) Ruth Mostrales

November 2008

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