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Sweet Tooth

sugar sprinkled on a grassy terrain  (shimmering

with the rays of the caramelized sun after the rain)

frolics with the raisin pebbles along a cola pond,

or a puddle of chocolate ripples. 

The cottony candy clouds after the cry

look down to adore them toppings on the earthen vessel.


some birds chatter “sweet, sweet”,

calling to the lollipop flowers icing the hedge,

the marshmallow buds, and jellybean seeds inside them. 

tootsie roll worms have emerged from the cake,

joining in the sweet salad of fun after the rain.


a gummy spider leaves his spout

where honey flows freely from the brownie ground.

he watches a cherry red bug speed by in haste

with its cookie wheels turning, homeward bound, hugging

a peanut brittle path, and splashing the lozenge stones

with a dose of soda fizz.


the toffee mountain dotted with candy cane trees, serene.

A syrup of cocoa flows like melted ice cream on its side,

causing an avalanche of fudge down, down

where the blender river makes a chocolate shake. 

A kid watches  by and tries to imagine

all the sweets in the palm of his hand. 

He shakes his head for his tooth began to ache.



Ruth Mostrales

December 2008

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