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For P.L.


They used to amuse me —

My aunts and older female friends.


How they counted the

wrinkles around their eyes,

how they tried to hold back the

years from entering that

space, that ballroom

of theirs where all their

secret hopes and

fantasies of a princely visit

after compliance with a

royal decree,



Now, I wonder why Cinderella

needed to go through a fitting

into a rigid glass shoe

before she could be happy. 

I wonder why she had to

scrub floors before she could properly

prance on them with her prince.

I wonder why the fool

in all his wit and charm could not

recognize her while she played

Raggedy Ann.


Men amuse me more, now —

So I ask:  “How do you love someone

who lets a shoe decide?

How do you dance with him

who loves the princess

but not the servant?


For eventually, women will be Raggedy Anns,

one way or another.

I wonder if with such prince,

there is happy ever after.


August 1, 2009

August 14, 2009


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