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From a dusty old blog…

– – – dare to breathe or achoo – – – Dec 14, ’07 4:06 AM
for everyone

so it has been said that freedom is not free.  i’ve read countless of essays about it and have heard songs celebrating freedom.  freedom certainly comes with a price (pardon the cliche).  sometimes, we pay for it with our reputation, sanity, money, candy, or  get  it in exchange for swollen eyes or black eyes, hmmm.  let’s get mushy and say that sometimes we give our heart just to have it.  the price of freedom for me was a year or so full of uncertainty, heartache and broken future plans.  there was real pain and what was at stake was a faith that was getting awry as the pain saw depth in me.  i was caught in the limbo of neither-here-nor-thereness… until i was freed.

of course freedom is relative, and as many as there are definitions of freedom is the number of prisons to choose from, i should say.  but when you actually become free, in hindsight you realize that you actually chose that state of being free,  and thereby learn to reconcile with the fact that the shackles you once wore were handpicked from the shelf by no less than YOU.

Whatever it is that encloses you against your will (but with your permission), break free.  it’s never too late.  God gave me freedom because I asked for it, no, I hungered for it.

looking back now at the monuments of incarceration that i have built for myself,  i say with gratitude, “thank You Lord for helping me overcome”.  instead of remaining as such monuments of pain and disappointment, they stand even now to remind me what I should avoid.

oh, wow, open air.

*journal entry

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