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The trees lift their fruits as an offering,

In the morning when they pray;

The birds are drawn to their nests,

At the end of a tiresome day.

The fish of the sea explore the depths,

Through rays that pierce the waves;

Your love shines through the darkness—

By Your amazing grace.


The stars line up to adore You,

Their brightness as per appointment;

The skies, from end to end retell

The story of Jesus’ atonement.

The moon lights the path of the wind,

To find its way home in the valley;

My heart responds to Your Spirit,

My heart delights in Your company.


How You form a mountain from a pebble,

How You make a bouquet from a seedling;

How You stir the ocean with a ripple,

How You start from nothing to make


How You take a piece of my suffering,

To create a heart of rejoicing;

I am nothing apart from Your doing —

I am safe within Your keeping!


Let me not rise like a sturdy mountain,

Let me curl small within Your palm;

Let me not soar if a reckless raven,

But lock me up in Your awesome plan.

If I rise, let me rise to follow You,

If I fall, let me fall to honor You;

Just let me say how much I love You —

Just let me stay in love with You.


I will lift my eyes to the heavens,

When circumstances cloud my judgment;

I will seek Your guidance and acceptance

And claim this very day Your present.

In this song of adoration,

I will lift Your Holy Name;

Father You deserve the best of me —

Thy glory will never, ever wane.

Ruth V. Mostrales

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