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Booksale, SM Karuhatan Supercenter

I dropped by Booksale yesterday evening (with my sister, as we had to rush the mailing of a document to the CA). Funny, while most people were doing their last minute Christmas shopping, we were there rushing the mailing of a pleading due for the day.

Imagine, I had to excuse myself from the office Christmas party to be able to do that. The mailing done, my sister and I started to leave, when we saw eight white letters embossed on a green background — BOOKSALE. Well, rewarding myself for going as far as SM San Lazaro (and working while the rest of the world is already having fun), I checked out their books and my, oh my, I found really nice titles, but instinctively, I headed to the books for children.

I found very cheap coloring books, and books you can paint with water (you just had to dip your finger on water and the page itself supplies the color). I spotted real nice instructional materials and sticker books. Perfect! What I had been scouring the earth for a long time!!!

Not long ago, I started to buy books for my younger friends. Last Sunday, a kid was asking for another book to borrow, and I remembered that it had been a while since I added new titles to their mini-library. Mailing was a great excuse to go to SM San Lazaro to actually lay a hand on those wonderful stuff. I killed two birds with one stone yesterday. 🙂

(Note: Their Postal Service closes at 10 PM, just in case you have some rush document to send through registered mail, or something. Kuya, the one who processes the mails, is very kind. As to the Booksale branch in that mall, it sells books at a cheaper price, cheaper than the other Booksales — dunno why, but I’m happy it does!)

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