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Byway Flowers

Byway Flowers

When summer meets the rain,
it is only for them to say goodbye.
Both tuck away mementoes as they
pass by each other.

Summer, soggy earth and velvet drops;
rain, baked seeds and fallow beds which
adjust or transform too soon in their trustee’s

Rain and sun have effects that mar the land
Reversibly. The other comes along at the
opportune moment to undo what has been
done and restore the landscape each by its

Summer tiptoes with its back against the sea.
Rain barges in with its face towards the land.
My town can only accommodate one dignitary in
a season, there’s a decree against a joint session,
I presume.

When they must meet, it is only for them to part
as a matter of course, for the world is waiting for
the resumption of routine. Though occasionally,
they are seen sneaking in together to make the
seeds on the byways thrive, which grow to be the
finest of flowers.

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