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I’m Afraid of Space

Im afraid of

space, and its bossy

ways, how it grabs unwilling

subjects for its

canvas. I must run with

haste, before it traps

my gaze, for it

imprisons the restrained

through its


It has devises,

contraptions, that

release inhibitions —

I was victimized by its

beauty not just

once! And then,



I was feeding its

fancy — with a verse

that I rehearse

only in hiding.

‘Tween the whiteness of

X and Y, it desires to

exemplify … with the

brushstrokes of honesty and

abandon. I will fail to be

impervious, if it is

inconspicuous — for it

blends like a cunning


To paint me through my own

blood, while my heart is in

denial, I will succumb to

fill the void

unconsciously. With

a verse,

a song,

a poem, it will

trick me to confession,

and make each tiny,

lonely space

filled finally.

I’m afraid of space,

and its brooding ways, and its

custom to draw

fools to come fill it…

I’m afraid of space, and

its charming face — and

The way

I’m always sucked to

be in it.

by Ruth Mostrales
lifted from an old blog…

“All artists are afraid of space.” Adapted

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