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Singular Affection


Singular Affection 

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci


As acrylic seeps through thread and the interstices of canvas,
and preserves in posterity the fleeting brute or the sudden fling,
and begrudges any space for new and better things when they come
for it is said that what was written can no longer be unwritten,
and what’s done can no longer be undone, lest you cut it into half and the half some more until each fiber is disentangled from the painted whole. Though you find each color retaining its blush, each brush may be washed, just as each thought in the heart and retained in the head is erased with truthful woo and heaven’s aid. What has been removed from the picture is stitched anew,in the mind to try another scene, subject.  Undaunted, the artist assays the needlecraft, this time, this time, and I hope I will never have to do it over, over, again.
ruth mostrales
march 11, 2010

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