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Whatever I Need…

This song was taught to me by my Aunt Levi when I was even too young to understand what it means.  I was reminded of this song, again, and it’s amazing that I didn’t try hard to recall the lyrics — they were sort of imprinted in my mind like a page in time, waiting for me to check it out and sing, again.  I don’t know who composed this, who sang this and I don’t know if I recalled right, but as long as you get God’s message in this song, may it bless you as it has blessed me.

 That’s Just What He Is

Sometimes I try to tell what Jesus means to me

And I find myself searching for words to say what I mean

Well I never can quite describe how good it means to me

For I know whatever I need that’s just what He is

He is my Rock and my Deliverer

He is my Strength, my God and my King

He is my Shelter in times of trouble

Yes I look to Him for everything

He’ll be a Mother, a Father, a Friend

And on Him I can always depend

For I know whatever I need that’s just what He is

Well I’m poor and needy yet the Lord thinks about me

In troubled times, well, He’s a tower and refuge you see

This world has nothing to offer me, I cling to Him

For I know whatever I need, that’s just what He is

2 thoughts on “Whatever I Need…

  1. Oh what a nice voice! Hey ruthing,,,, hw r u? yes,i also remmber dt song 8s a fav of L family, esp sister ruth L.F. hmmm… lgi nya yn knaknta every convention or camp(solo or group).i recall dus memories wen i was young,pg time ng convention nd camp, dus r d wonderful moments dt happnd in my life… Anyway, nice video…san b yn? prng s Pang yn ah. hehe…
    By the way, ate nitz texted me at last. my new celfone dw x pnapahambog nya skin,hehe. ano b ung mobile nya? uuyyy, paguwi ko sama k h kht 1wik lng tell ate nitz magconcert tau dun hehe…

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