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Deprive me not of choice

Deprive me not, my charming prince
from dancing with the count.
I can’t remain a trophy toy of yours
in this ballroom crowd.

Deprive me not a moment’s glance
at him whose heart adores me —
the glass shoe that was returned to me
wounded my feet as I pranced.

So I must choose the count at once
and settle the matter in my head,
and give my heart an upper hand,
like destiny, fate and circumstance.

April 5, 2010

2 thoughts on “Deprive me not of choice

  1. Of course the question that popped into my mind was…is the count just security? and so one yields to the power of logic rather than a course of love? Ah…just a random series of questions.

    • … or perhaps, is the count the
      reality and the prince,
      the dream?

      Thanks for bringing in a new
      dimension to the poem
      by asking a question
      of relevance.

      Poetry begins in delight and
      ends in wisdom.

      – Robert Frost

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