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Earthworms According to Wikipedia

Earthworms According to Wikipedia
By Ruth V. Mostrales

Where there is an abundance of earthworms the soil is rich.
The higher the level of organic material in any parcel of land,
the more likely you find them. With muscular agility and their
nimble contractions — that mechanism of alternate lengthening
and shortening of their body allowing a burrowing into the moist
earth — that creates gardens. They release a lubricating mucus,
and they gurgle noises as they move through the silent tunnels
created by their bodies. They force air into these tunnels, and their
activity aerates and mixes the soil, making life out of the dead in
these parts. An abundance of earthworms is beneficial to the
gardener, who derives his lucre on dead matter. Earthworms can
convert large pieces of organic matter into rich humus, and they
have the facility to regenerate lost segments, unlike people.
Earthworms are indiscriminate, they feed on whatever is rotting.
They leave no trace of the spoiled. Send all the earthworms where
the memories lie, where the dead with the dead die in shame,
and at last, grow a flower above this grave in solemn consolation.

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