June 10, 2010

Father, I cry out to You.

Enlighten me with the knowledge of Your Word though it is blurred by these tears while I read it.
Teach me the faith that made the martyrs bold.
Show me thy beauty that, when the feeble saw it, made them strong.
Guide me as I look at the Way before me, help me to see your footsteps as I go.
And, as I move forward, let me not look back except to behold Your Son upon the cross, and Your Son resurrected on the third day.
I am nothing without Him, LORD, I am nothing on my own.
May You teach me to continue to trust in You when it is easier to doubt.
May I choose to remain in the narrow path and forsake the way that leads to destruction.
Help me to wait on You, and do this with joyful expectation because Your promises are true and You can be counted on.
Teach me how to love the way Your Son loved, and to hate every deed that You abhor.
Let me love my neighbor as I love myself, and let me place You above all.
And should I falter be patient with me…
Restore me and let me delight in Your chastisement.

In Jesus’ name,


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