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Some people who have been
taught by their parents to be mindful
about apologizing for a wrong or
inconvenience done to other people and
who despite the harshness to good-old
values prevalent in today’s society
manage to keep that positive trait intact
would find it difficult to fathom that
some people do not say sorry.

Some people are just solicitous,
while others are not,
but in a semi-eschatological age
it is a well-entrenched nicety
that needs to be donned — call it
red tape, if you must. When you use
somebody’s time, you say
“Thank you.” When you waste
somebody’s time, you say
“Sorry.” It is almost automatic,
except for those who have ascended
the higher rungs of the spiritual,
economic, social, or political ladder
who seem to have earned their right
to violate Grandma’s teachings
and dismissed them as evidence of
antiquity, if not, obsolescence.
It must require a healthy dose of
anointing to mutter an apology.

ruth mostrales
june 16, 2010

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