let Jesus shine

In celebrated high-profile cases among the rich, famous, and powerful segments of the population, the witnesses become well-known themselves. They, too, inevitably share the spotlight. There’s always an advantage in popularity/notoriety.

But in witnessing for Christ, Jesus shines, not the witness. In fact, the witness “ceases”, while Jesus “increases”. The Holy Spirit subdues the witness completely that the latter is moved to ask for nothing else but to bear his cross in shame for the glory of his Master.

Let the eyes of men be drawn to God, not to the human instrumentality. May our light so shine that people see Jesus shine and glorify Him. Nothing we do as followers of God will ever matter, save that which we do for Him, which primarily is to make His work on the cross, and His triumph on the third day, shine in everything that we do.

20 july 2010

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