Hi, my name is Ruth. I am a wife, mom, and child at heart. I love music, poetry, art, history, and philosophy.

This is my treasure chest. Or, the court where all of the things I love, write, sing, create and remember (ahh, yes…) come to testify.

I love the classics, poetry, music, history (recent love), and on top of them all, I love the Word of God — the final authority in matters of faith and practice.

I want to share my love for stories, poems, and music with you.

In 2020, I have become less verbose. 🙂 I still write, though.

Find me also at atmaramipangiba.wordpress.com


I have always believed that life, whatever it does muster to bring, is beautiful. I firmly believe that beyond the childish conceptions we have about it, and even though we often myopically see it through a glass darkly, there’s no point trying to go against its course, our role and place in it having been pre-determined from the start. Pessimists might describe their existence as insignificant, likened to a speck of dust in the cosmos, but though speck of dust it might apparently be, it need not really, actually be as trifle as that. On the grand scale is a Providence-led orchestra, you and me playing our parts for a reason.  I firmly believe that there is a reason why I am where I am right now… I don’t know how my cries for succor or my freedom screams or even the music I make with my soul when I’m happy could translate to something beautiful alongside the travails, yells and plaints of others, who, like myself are finding ways to realize there’s more to life than going shopping, earning lots of money, achieving fame, wielding power or manipulating people. But then again, I’m not attempting to read the mind of God, it’s ssscary territory. Godness is a realm my humanity will not comprehend with suspicion, but only with trust.  All I do is grope in the dark with just how much as God reveals Himself to me through His Word, see how smart I can become and hope I discern a little. However, these things do not concern an interpretation of the idiosyncrasies of nature, or governments or human positive law which are within the powers of wo/man. The wisdom behind what constitutes the very bonds of existence and beingness is a problem philosophers have been problematizing on since the birth of thought and their exercise is not seeing fruition anytime soon. Life, for the most part will seem to be a mystery, but it need not be ugly. At the end of the day, I will keep going back to Jesus’ atoning sacrifice, and realize that all I need to get by is to trust in Him. It will always boil down to not what you know or what you are, but whose Hand you clasp as you go along.


This has been revised in keeping with God’s progressive special revelation to me as I continue to dig deeper into His Word.  – rvm, nov. 21, 2009

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ruth dear,

    As has been, I owe my God-given spirituality to some people who, in one way or another, have made me think more than what I used to, in its essence of the word.

    You and I are embarking on God’s gift of life only He knows till when, how or why. Rest assured that you being younger than I, do not lack what it is to be as old as my age: you are so full of wisdom.

    I tried to seek your warm friendship when you left, but now that I’ve found you again, I pray that you have stayed, after all. 🙂

    Take care, enjoy the life that abounds, not the wants that hurts….

    God bless!


  2. Thanks ate…

    I hope to see you soon.

    Take care always, and God bless.

    Kwentuhan tayo ng marami pag nagmeet tayo, hehe.

    Just me,


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