Speech during the Celebration of Teachers’ Day at Febias College of Bible

I think I asked every single person I met along the way to pray for me.  Ma’am Debbie did and so did Pastor Buddy.  Feeling quite scared, I left the chapel in the middle of the message of the Guest Speaker to pray.  I don’t know, I just felt so inadequate.  Was my speech too long?  Too verbose?  Too profound?  I looked at it again and prayed.  And then I crossed out pedagogy and substituted “instruction” in one, and “teaching” in another.

The program itself did not have my name on it, but that’s okay.  I was “compelled” to represent the grad school on such short notice.  It made me pray more, and pray a little harder than more, when a day before the program, I had scattershot ideas for it here and there, but no final manuscript. 

I sat down and began to write, as I did before, but this time it was easy.  I borrowed the ETHOS, PATHOS, and LOGOS part from Bryan Chapelle (Christ-Centered Preaching) and I had a theme.  God is good — and His guidance led me from perplexity to praise, as I delivered it this morning.

I had a wonderful opportunity to give credit to my teachers who have inspired me.  Perhaps they will never know how much they have influenced me in their LOGOS, PATHOS, and ETHOS pedagogy… and I have God to praise for them.  All of the grad school teachers I particularly referred to in my speech were absent, though.  But I greeted my teacher in Life of Christ and Intro to Theo a happy teachers’ day.  (But I didn’t see my teacher in Intro to Missions (a teacher whose dedication and passion in the ministry I also really admire).

Here’s my speech.  It may have many flaws but I meant every single word.  🙂

Teachers' Appreciation Day Speech